Length : 890mm
Width : FRONT 585mm / REAR 585mm
Height : 330mm
Wheelbase : 600mm
Weight : 14.5kg
Ground Clearance : 65mm
Engine : 26cc gasoline engine
Tread (F/R) : 460 / 470mm
Tires : 214x120mm
Radio system : RC / Sport 2-PY
1.The completely new designed "Hyper
Adjust Piston" shocks are made from
aluminium and have 5 dampening
settings that can be adjusted externally
without removing the shocks. Dual rate
springs give a progressive characteristic
for a smooth suspension on all surfaces.
2.A Viscous Torque Control differential
delivers the power to the rear wheels
smoothly. The Differential can be tuned
by using different diff oils. Hardened
metal is used throughout the drivetrain
for reliable performance in all conditions.
3.2 cycle piston valve gasoline 26cc
engine with air cooled and pull starter
4.The narrow channel chassis made from
rigid 4mm aluminium gives the classic
look and extreme stiffness and durability
5.Double wishbone suspension with long
travel aluminium shocks gives superior
Off-Road capability. The narrow Chassis
design allows for super long suspension
arms which results in smooth damping
characteristics and long suspension
6.Twin plate ventilated disk brake
7.FM radio system with fail safe system
8.Hi torque water resistant Steering
servo and Hi torque water resistant
Throttle servo
NO. KL102341
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